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SannyMedia Today

Today, our design and consultancy agency provides a wide range of service to customers all over the world with a strong focus on Europe and the Middle East. A few of our qualities at your disposal:

  • We understand communicating in your native tongue matters to you and managing director Sanaz speaks 5 languages to address you in your own language.
  • We pride ourselves in the ability to consult on complex technological setups in simple terms, as we realize you may need us to get straight to the point.
  • Your project is our priority and we will diligently work on every aspect. We are known to strive for perfection while respecting your budget.


Corporate History

SannyMedia was founded back in 2002 by Sanaz Hanke, an experienced graphic designer from Düsseldorf (Germany), working a broad repertoire of projects. Six years later, by 2008, we were proud to feature clients such as Nokia, Thomas Cook, GEZ, LaRosa Mannequins and STURM UND PLASTIC. By 2009 we had expanded, opening an office in Rome and servicing large hospitality companies such as Starwood Hotels and Imagine Communication. Starting 2012, SannyMedia began the management and coordination of multi-cultural teams and projects for Catenate GmbH, a Munich based IT and Business Integration company, servicing European clients and with offices in Rome, Bern, Sofia and Amsterdam. This partnership allowed us to increase our skills, broaden our network of resources and adapt to any customer needs. In 2014, we started our presence in Brussels, Belgium, servicing clients from different backgrounds such as non-profits and start-ups. With the setup of our Entrepreneurial Empowerment Program “EEP”, we ultimately started working with purpose and towards a happy entrepreneurial future for our clients and ourselves.

In May 2019 SannyMedia underwent a re-branding and re-structuring process and was transformed into the”Media” business unit of the umbrella company Sanaz Group LLC, setup in the UAE . Together with the other business units “Education“, “Publishing” and “Arts & Entertainment” they form the 4 functional building blocks of Sanaz Group LLC and complement eachother with a variety of services, to the benefit of our clients.


Key Differentiators

With competence in areas ranging from conceptual design through web development over to photography, usability testing, SEO and overall social media consultancy services, SannyMedia caters to the mid-sized company with limited resources in these fields of expertise. Offering a one-stop-shop service to clients has always been the philosophy of the agency; with the complexity of today’s digital environments and the fast pace of change in technology and social media, providing a customer with a full range of services in simple terms has never been more critical.

SannyMedia ensures your strategy works and is constantly reviewed. From business cards over company websites up to the branded facebook pages and tone of voice on your company voice mail: great ideas are designed by experts and swiftly developed and put into reality.

An important element of the philosophy of the founder, Mrs. Hanke, has always been the post-delivery service, specially when her favorite part, the client coaching starts. Handing a completed project over for us marks the beginning of a relationship, not the end. Where others conclude the business, we see our challenge commence, by surprising and servicing you every day for as long as you desire.


Constant Learning

We work an industry of constant change, and it is our duty to always present you with the latest insights. Our team members are well-trained and always up to date on current trends and innovations. We stay on top of things so you don’t have to.